Watch the videos from Las Vegas…humans flocked like sheep to the slaughter.  One shooter, multiple weapons, no declared affiliation or cause…until it was too late for more than 50 civilians who likely never knew what happened.

This is the voice of terror, the voice of a revolution.  Which, sadly may prove true if the Islamic State’s claim of responsibility for the gunfire proves true.  Alas, it does not need substantiation, in Donald Trump’s America “fake media” is just as worthy as on-site reporting.  Viewers will chose to believe that which they will—verified sourcing and vetting is dismissed as “establishment” screening. The “they” keeping truth from “us.”

Sadly, the truth here is an object lesson in the social, psychological and physical pain a single person can inflict upon his or her fellow citizenry.  A lesson the Islamic State has taken to heart.  Be that with an individual or a group of three-to-five.  One does not require an army to wreak havoc on modern civilization.  It only takes a semi-automatic rifle and multiple ammunition clips.

Oh, and a vantage point certainly does not hurt.

A lesson we should have collectively learned back in 1966, when Charles Whitman walked onto an observation deck atop the main administration building at the University of Texas in Austin and spent the next 96 minutes killing 15, wounding 31 others.  All after dispatching his mother and wife only hours before.

Medical professionals blamed it on a brain tumor.

Today we are not so kind.

The medically indisposed have multiple conduits for their delusions, particularly if they have access to the internet.  There one finds a plethora of voices who will speak to that inner-demon.  Even suggest there is a valuable contribution the ailing may provide before going to meet one’s savior of choice.  The Islamic State is particularly adept at this kind of recruitment.

All of which renders it shocking we have not suffered more of these incidents.

But we have.

Orlando, Florida – 12 June 2016
Bernardino, California – 2 December 2015
Roseburg, Oregon – 1 October 2015
Charleston, South Carolina – 18 June 2015
Washington DC – 16 September 2013
Newton, Connecticut – 14 December 2012

All in the last five years…and I only selected incidents where more than half a dozen died.  Would be a much longer list if we carved it down to less than five mortalities—but then we wander into the realm of death in the name of love…or how ever one wants to describe lethal encounters between estranged significant others and their families.

No, what we have in Las Vegas is a surrender of ethics, morals and respect for civilization.  We have the Islamic State when Sharia Law falls prey to rules of the jungle.  Suggests we all need to go back and read Lord of the Flies and then prepare appropriately.

Just keep in mind, Lord of the Flies published in 1954.  After two world wars and the Holocaust should have taught us all better.  Perhaps, in the West we simply refuse to learn.  The French are certainly much smarter.  Stab two women in Marseilles today and you are rapidly gunned down by armed soldiers patrolling the streets of France.

Alas, we have something to learn from Paris.  Or do we wait for another Las Vegas?

You don’t have to be a clairvoyant to predict there will be another Las Vegas.  Ask your favorite law enforcement contact.  There is no deterring copycats.  Unless we choose to surrender even more of our civil liberties.  And, no, I am not suggesting more banging on the drum for your Second Amendment “rights.”

Stephen Paddock was an accountant, not a member of a “well-regulated militia.”  The Founding Fathers justification for allowing the right to keep and bear arms.  How quickly the attorneys and NRA forget the first 13 words of that pesky Second Amendment.  An oversight the Islamic State will surely exploit.

We are poised to live in the state of dread that now haunts every Parisian.  And we knew this was coming.  Life imitates Osiris.

Eric C. Anderson
2 October 2017