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Host John Batchelor of “The John Batchelor Show” on WABC radio in New York City, interviewed Eric C. Anderson about his newest book, “Byte: A novel” which is to be released through Dunn Books on October 2.

Kirby interviews former US intelligence officer and author Eric C. Anderson about his latest book in the Caliphate series-Anubis.

The John Batchelor Show with Adam Dunn: Part 2

The John Batchelor Show with Adam Dunn: Part 1

Former CIA Red Cell member tells FOX5 News: “Expect Much Propaganda Fluff and Zero Results” when it comes to North Korea

In a live TV interview on WTTG-TV FOX5 from Washington, D.C., Eric Anderson talks about North Korea and why he thinks the White House is pulling back on sanctions against Russia.

“I worked this problem for 20 years,” says Anderson “and the only lesson the Kim family has ever understood is a hard cane–preferably across the forehead…”

WTTG-TV is a FOX affiliate for the Washington, D.C. market.

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