Rivers of Gold

“Fans of gritty noir fiction, whether it be mystery or SF, should find this one very much to their liking.”


An alternate reality of New York City. Restaurants and businesses are boarded and shuttered. Crime is rampant, black markets thrive. Drug dealers use taxis as a distribution network among the world of The Speaks, pop-up parties whose location changes nightly. NYPD uses taxis for undercover detectives desperately trying to rein in the chaos to keep the tourist dollars showing up. Neither network knows about the other. To survive, Renny a young fashion photographer supplements the income from his legal day job by selling drugs in the speaks at night. Detective Sixto Santiago is part of the undercover Citywide Anticrime Bureau (CAB) force but his world goes haywire when Everett More, a shadowy operator with Dark Secret clearance, is assigned as his new partner. Rivers of Gold is a ride like no other. Climb inside…the meter’s running…


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