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Kirby interviews former US intelligence officer and author Eric C. Anderson about his latest book in the Caliphate series-Anubis.
The John Batchelor Show with Adam Dunn: Part 1
The John Batchelor Show with Adam Dunn: Part 2

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Eric C. Anderson

John Batchelor welcomed Eric Anderson to Hackensack Meridian Health Stage 17. Eric is the author of the new book, “Byte: A Novel” which is to be released October 2.
Former CIA Intel Expert Eric C. Anderson talks about lifetime security clearance on GCN radio’s “Jim Brown’s Common Sense Sunday on

The U.S. president is removing lifetime security clearances for many high-level intelligence officials who have been highly critical of him. It’s not illegal, but is it justified in doing something like this? Former CIA Intel expert Eric C. Anderson says, “There is no such thing as lifetime security clearance and discusses the pros and cons with host Jim Brown.

Eric C. Anderson talks Trump and Putin on “The Morning Briefing”

On a recent interview with Tim Farley, host of P.O.T.U.S. Sirius XM’s “The Morning Briefing,” author Eric C. Anderson discusses the relationship that President Trump has with the intelligence community and how we should interpret some of the remarks Trump has been making of late. “I’m shocked and appalled with where we have gone in this relationship with the intelligence community, particularly with the DNI and where Mr. Trump has taken us with Mr. Putin,” said Anderson. “There’s a void there in the conversation that we should all be very concerned about at this stage.”

Buck Sexton’s Interview for Anubis from Dunn Books News Radio 1410 WPOP

In a recent interview with Buck Sexton, former CIA intel expert, Eric C. Anderson, discusses his newest book, Anubis, with Buck Sexton. Though a fictional novel, his idea is to get people thinking about ISIS and the way it evolves outside of the standard newspaper dialogue. He is suggesting that we have something that is morphing into a stage 4 cancer, and that is it’s spread throughout the globe, is immediate contactable via the internet, and can be used to target anything from the National Mall to the cities of Paris, Berlin and Bonn. “And so,” he says, “you have a very unpleasant situation on your hands.”

Eric C. Anderson makes a return visit to Liberty Watch Radio

Retired Air Force Intelligence Officer Eric C. Anderson talks with host Charles Heller about the honor of serving America, arming teachers, and his latest book called “Anibus,” available here.

Eric Anderson on POTUS with Eric Ham.

“We signed an armistice with the North Koreans whom we should have been able to defeat back in 1953,” says Anderson and “we have been sitting on that armistice since then. The North Koreans have played us for last past 60 years – quite successfully. What I see happening here is Trump is anxious to prove his foreign policy moxie, and the North Koreans will just walk away. They have nothing to lose.

How Anderson feels about NSA Ambassador John Bolton: “He’s a horse’s patoot!”

Eric C. Anderson talks North Korea with Eric Ham the host of Mid-Day Briefing on POTUS at Sirius XM Radio. On the potential summit with Trump and Kim Jung Un: “These are children playing at war.”

The Josh Tolley Show

From politics to relationships, from busines to religion; Natonally Syndicated Talk-Show Host, Josh Tolley is changing how people think about and succeed. In a recent interview with Ex-CIA intel analyst, Eric C. Anderson they discussed the end of Trump and Paul Ryan.

Frontline of Freedom – Military News and Talk Show

Frontlines of Freedom is a military news & talk radio show designed to address and discuss the most pressing issues facing our armed forces, veterans and their families. Eric C. Anderson talks with host Denny Gillem, LTC, US Army (Ret.) about the challenges facing America.

Former Intel expert talks Syria with D.C. radio host

During a recent interview with Tim Farley, host of Sirius XM “Morning Briefing,” Eric. C. Anderson, a former member of the U.S. intelligence community said, “The Trump administration has walked itself into a version of Afghanistan vintage 2001 that would humble the best minds at Brookings, CIA, CSIS and Rand.”

Anderson is a former member of the CIA Red Cell and author of several books including the forthcoming Anubis – second in a trilogy on ISIS published by Dunn Books. 

Sirius XM “Morning Briefing” is a daily wake-up call of news and opinion and is an unbiased roundup of the stories and events that will shape the day’s political discussion.

Audio Interviews

Adam Dunn

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