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Aniruddha Bahal

ANIRUDDHA BAHAL is the founder and editor-in-chief of, India’s first investigative non-profit news website. Cobrapost is renowned for its undercover exposés and has produced more than 100 investigative television documentaries on political corruption, corporate wrongdoing, genocide, communal politics, and the misuse of social media. Bahal, who was dubbed “The King of Sting” and “the most feared reporter in India” by The Independent, also co-founded investigative news website Tehelka in 2000. Previously, he worked for India Today, Down to Earth, Financial Express, and Outlook. He hosts the comedy program The Tony B Show” on Channel V in India.



Bunker 13

Minty Mehta, aka MM, is a thrill-seeker, a disgraced, self-destructive, ex-army cadet with a taste for hard drugs and kinky sex, and a shrewd reporter who will do anything to get a story. His connections reach deep into the heart of India’s unsavory political establishment, and into the army—his current beat—where his bravery earns the trust and admiration of even more unsavory sources.

Following Indian Special Forces on a series of deadly missions on the Kashmiri border, MM confirms his suspicion that a rogue band of officers is smuggling drugs and captured weapons out of India’s jungle frontier. When a raid on an enemy bunker uncovers an enormous cache of arms and high-grade heroin, the commander in charge taps MM to unload the goods, and he finds himself enmeshed in an international net of gunrunning, gang warfare, and double-dealing more dangerous than anything he’s undertaken so far.

Cynical, knowing, highly capable and deeply motivated, MM is a postmodern hero in the same nihilistic vein as the protagonists of Hunter S. Thompson and Carl Hiaasen. The debut novel by the investigative journalist dubbed “The King of Sting” and “India’s most feared reporter” for his exposure of illegal arms dealing and other corruption in India, joins the ranks of world-class suspense authors with an insider’s look at the serpentine challenges of modern India.


“Bahal’s use of the second-person heightens suspense and adds psychological depth…an offbeat, fun thriller.”
— Publishers Weekly
“There’s a lot of fresh, crackling action here for thrill junkies.”
— Booklist
“India’s grown-up answer to M*A*S*H; it’s just as funny, farcical and ferocious.”
— GEORDIE GREIG, Literary Review
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