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Adam Dunn

Adam Dunn is the author of the novels Rivers of Gold, The Big Dogs, and Saint Underground, the forthcoming novel The Unfathomable Deep.

He spent years as a freelance writer cultivating an extensive series of networks among the military, intelligence, law enforcement, and financial communities.

His byline has appeared in 18 publications in four countries. Some of those include: CNN and BBC News (online); Inc., Paper, SOMA, and Publishers Weekly magazines (glossy); and the San Francisco Chronicle and South China Morning Post (newsprint). He and his family have left New York City.

Rivers of Gold

Rivers of Gold describes an alternate reality of New York City. Restaurants and businesses are boarded and shuttered. Crime is rampant, black markets thrive. Drug dealers use taxis as a distribution network among the world of The Speaks, pop-up parties whose location changes nightly. NYPD uses taxis for undercover detectives desperately trying to rein in the chaos to keep the Euro dollars showing up. Neither network knows about the other. To survive, Renny a young fashion photographer must sell drugs at night. Detective Sixto Santiago is part of the undercover CAB force but his world goes boing when Everett More, a feral 42-year-old CIA operative with Dark Secret clearance, is assigned as his new partner. Renny is soon in the crosshairs of both his boss and Santiago, who’s part of an experimental unit in the NYPD using undercover taxicabs to try to crack down on the drug trade keeping the prohibited party circuit afloat. From the dank, dark garages of the city’s taxi trade to the glittering playpens of its richest and most powerful, Rivers of Gold is a ride like no other. Climb inside…the meter’s running…

The Big Dogs

In the explosive sequel to Rivers of Gold, the unorthodox team of Santiago and More return to face a more grueling challenge. In a savage paroxysm of mob violence, the founder of an uber-rich hedge fund is killed. An encrypted hard drive containing a list of high-profile clients in a radically illegal investment scam goes missing, and Gianni Gianduja, the 29-year-old hacker, is now running for his life. Santiago and More along with old comrades, the badly behaved Narc Sharks, and an unwelcome Fed named Liza Marrone, are racing the clock. But even they don’t know how astronomically high the stakes are. Don’t be caught waiting at the bus stop—The Big Dogs are on the prowl.

Saint Underground

Election 2016—The Democratic and Republican parties are holding their conventions in NYC—simultaneously. Illicit campaign money pours through a new underground bank in the city’s newest subway tunnel. But this campaign isn’t about votes—the parties are at war. Santiago and More have uncovered a plot to hijack not just the presidential conventions, but the nation itself. As the feud erupts into open warfare, an embittered veteran turned high-tech warrior, enters the fray. Codenamed ODIN, he is More’s nemesis and they rock the city from the spires of Saint John the Divine to the bowels of the city’s subways. There is no judgment, only survival, for both sinners and saints—underground.

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