Persistence becomes Permanent


Back in the day, we called this mission creep.  It was that break-point during a deployment where you knew visits to the latest “garden spot,” were no longer going to be temporary or irregular.  Time to set up a chow hall, request workout equipment, and hope Washington DC will hire KBR—that den of thieves responsible […]

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Shutter the State Department


Imagine, I’m sitting in the kitchen table at 0430…told you I don’t sleep…and on page eight of the New York Times is a top of the fold article decrying the demise of our State Department.  I yawn, stretch, and go fetch another cup of coffee.  Going to require caffeine to get through this bit of […]

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“Shithole” States


God bless Donald Trump.  He guarantees I will never have a shortage of material to contemplate.  Consider, for instance this latest kerfuffle over what constitutes a “shithole” nation.  We know from the White House reports that at least Haiti and Nigeria make the list.  Or make the Donald’s list.  I’m betting anywhere Melania won’t travel […]

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Feeding the “Fake News” Frenzy


Charlie Manson dies, and we say goodbye to the 60s.  Michael Wolff publishes Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House and we dash headlong into the 1970s.  Hunter S. Thompson—the father of “gonzo journalism”—would assuredly approve of Wolff’s saga.  A whiff of truth enhanced by an imagination of the lunacy and psychological warfare taking […]

Feeding the “Fake News” Frenzy2021-04-19T23:18:24+00:00
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