Dying for Allah


Arguments that seem to have no end.  When will human kind expand beyond the capacity to harvest sustainable resupply?  Climate change.  Where the next nuclear weapon be employed.  The best form of governance.  Is religion responsible for the largest loss of human life?

Intractable contention suitable for after dinner discussion over cigars […]

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The 60’s are now officially dead…long live the 60s


It finally happened, the 1960s came to a close.  With a whimper in a Bakersfield hospital ward.   Charles Manson is dead.  We may all now listen to Helter Skelter without hesitation.  And not just the version U2 recorded with Bono’s admonition that he was “taking the song back.”


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Churchill Was Wrong


There is a bit of smug philosophical security politicians from any “democracy” bring to a collection of international leaders.  Elected officeholders all seemingly subscribe to Winston Churchill’s adage: “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.”

They should drop the charade; Churchill was wrong.

I am […]

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Pyongyang Perished


Ahhh, the council of wise and wild have gathered.  Imagine, the “intellectuals” of foreign policy sitting just across the table from Donald Trump’s collective of over-fed, isolationist, ideologues.  Rush Limbaugh’s wet dream.  (A thought I will have to strike from my imagination if there is any intent of sleeping tonight.)

And they are all on an […]

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