Reconsidering Time, History and Politics


Citizens of Western societies almost universally share a few common assumptions.  Time “passes,” history “evolves,” and politics are “progressive.”  Allow me to begin with the latter and return to the former.

Some of you may recall Francis Fukuyama, an American political scientist who currently resides at Stanford University.  […]

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Proclivity for Inhumanity


I would argue that there is no “original sin.”  We are not all born guilty of faults committed by our forefathers.  That’s just rubbish intended to rush you into a church, mosque or temple.  However, while not all men are born to be evil, some rise to the occasion.  My analyst sixth-sense suggests just such […]

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Technology and Theology


Crawl out from the bits and bytes.  Ignore your service provider.  Turn off the social media and, for god’s sake, don’t go near Amazon, Apple, Facebook or Google.  Or so the New York Times would have us believe.  According to the Times, Amazon determines what you will purchase, Apple controls all the apps, Facebook manages […]

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We knew this was coming…


Watch the videos from Las Vegas…humans flocked like sheep to the slaughter.  One shooter, multiple weapons, no declared affiliation or cause…until it was too late for more than 50 civilians who likely never knew what happened.

This is the voice of terror, the voice of a revolution.  Which, […]

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