Tremor Within


Fear, I have long argued, is an irrational emotion.  Flight or fight.  The coward choses flight, an engaged soul opts to fight.  Yes, yes…and this leads us to where?  Imagine a new Islamic caliphate or a Trump administration.  Who flew and who fought?   Still asking that question?  Stop reading newspapers and listening to NPR.  Stuff […]

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Does Mosul Matter?


By Eric C. Anderson

War is waged in fits and starts. Combat veterans will often explain this as moments of terror surrounded by days of boredom. Constant engagement with an adversary wears down both the aggressor and defender—at a pace that cannot be maintained—unless you lived through Leningrad, Stalingrad…and now Mosul.

Iraqi security forces abetted by […]

Does Mosul Matter?2021-04-19T23:18:24+00:00
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