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OSIRIS by Eric C. Anderson (Dunn Books; September 12, 2017) takes readers on a twisted path from the glittering palaces of Qatar to the dusty hell of central Iraq, replete with drunken Russian pilots, conniving American politicians and unlikely heroes in a test of sheer will and technical expertise pitted against national pride and suicidal zealotry.

By Eric C. Anderson
Dunn Books/September 12, 2017
$18.95 USD/212 pages
Hardcover ISBN: 978-0-9962352-3-5

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Eric C. Anderson: Author Novel Osiris


Meet Eric C. Anderson

Eric C. Anderson: Author Novel OSIRIS is a retired member of the U.S. intelligence community who served tours of duty in Hawaii, Iraq, Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia and Washington, D.C. A former academic, he taught at the University of Missouri, University of Maryland, Air Force Academy and National Intelligence University. During his career, he produced more than 600 articles for the President’s Daily Brief, National Intelligence Council, International Security Advisory Board and the Department of Defense. In addition, he is the author of Take the Money and Run: Sovereign Wealth Funds and the Demise of American Prosperity, China Restores: The Middle Kingdom Looks Forward to 2020, Adopting Ainsley: There’s No Place for a Car Seat on a Motorcycle and Sinophobia: The Huawei Story. A life-long sailor and biker, he claims to have spent endless hours on boats and put over 300,000 miles on a variety of Harley-Davidsons.