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Living Room Debris


I am in the midst of fleeing the East Coast in hopes of finding philosophical solace at a wooden boat-building school. Not Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, but rather an honest appraisal of life and the fury that swirls above Washington DC.

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Consider two recent developments in the energy sector. In the first instance, shareholders in oil-producing giant Chevron (ticker: CVX) voted to give the largest amongst themselves (those lucky few owning 3% or more shares for three years minimum) the ability to nominate directors for up to 25% of the seats on the board.

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Copyright 2015, Chuck Dorris, all rights reserved. Copyright 2015, Chuck Dorris, all rights reserved.

There’s an old adage that adaptation in the energy market occurs when sweet crude averages $70 a barrel.  At that cost point, the alternative-energy folks (tree-huggers) suddenly find wind and solar to be profitable and […]

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Lisa Scottoline and Adam Dunn“No, I didn’t base it on a real case. I never base anything on real cases. I never do any ripped-from-the-headlines stuff.”

So states bestselling, Edgar Award-winning crime novelist Lisa Scottoline during a breathless interview between parking lot […]

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Eric Anderson Interview


ERIC C. ANDERSON, formerly a senior analyst with the Defense Intelligence Agency, is an Air Force reservist and national security consultant, as well as a teacher at the National Defense Intelligence College.

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