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Author Launches Dunn Books Publishing Imprint with 3 Novels


Joining a growing trend toward self-publishing but taking an even bolder step, successful mystery and suspense author Adam Dunn, a New Canaan, CT resident who wrote a series of three novels with a fourth already in the works, has launched his own publishing company, Dunn Books

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Living Room Debris


I am in the midst of fleeing the East Coast in hopes of finding philosophical solace at a wooden boat-building school. Not Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, but rather an honest appraisal of life and the fury that swirls above Washington DC.

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Consider two recent developments in the energy sector. In the first instance, shareholders in oil-producing giant Chevron (ticker: CVX) voted to give the largest amongst themselves (those lucky few owning 3% or more shares for three years minimum) the ability to nominate directors for up to 25% of the seats on the board.




Copyright 2015, Chuck Dorris, all rights reserved. Copyright 2015, Chuck Dorris, all rights reserved.

There’s an old adage that adaptation in the energy market occurs when sweet crude averages $70 a barrel.  At that cost point, the alternative-energy folks (tree-huggers) suddenly find wind and solar to be profitable and […]

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Lisa Scottoline and Adam Dunn“No, I didn’t base it on a real case. I never base anything on real cases. I never do any ripped-from-the-headlines stuff.”

So states bestselling, Edgar Award-winning crime novelist Lisa Scottoline during a breathless interview between parking lot […]

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