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Crossing the $10 Trillion Mark


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Now that the global tally of negative-interest debt issued has passed the $10 trillion mark, it might be worth taking a moment to reflect the yet unknown implications posed by the intrusion of…reality.

Interest rates in the EU, Switzerland, Japan, and now Germany have dipped […]

Crossing the $10 Trillion Mark2017-09-12T18:49:08+00:00

Election 2016: Alien Queen vs. Swamp Thing


Sludgefeast ’16 (otherwise known as the US presidential election) has finally shaken out all fellow-traveling parasites in favor of two alpha vermin—the Alien Queen and Swamp Thing.

As the face of their respective political parties, each boasts a distinctive pedigree: the former a career politician who consistently shows that […]

Election 2016: Alien Queen vs. Swamp Thing2017-07-13T16:53:51+00:00