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The John Batchelor Show with Adam Dunn [Exclusive Video]

John Batchelor sits down with author Adam Dunn of Dunn Books! In addition to being the founder of Dunn Books, Adam is the author of “Rivers of Gold”, “The Big Dogs” and “Saint Underground.”

Click below to watch Part 1 of Adam’s interview!

Click below to watch Part 2 of Adam’s interview!

Welcome to Dunn Books

The novels of Dunn Books are based on real world themes including political corruption, financial crime, transnational organized crime, the deep police state and the blurring of boundaries between the military, the intelligence community and law enforcement.

Dunn Books was founded in 2015 as a 21st century digital/print-on-demand publishing company by author and literary entrepreneur Adam Dunn. His business model includes individual plans for each title from editorial through targeted marketing and streamlined production, all conducted with financial transparency.  Writers of proven talent in related genres are welcome to pitch with a synopsis and a resume or CV.

Dunn is the author of Rivers of Gold, The Big Dogs and Saint Underground and the forthcoming novel, The Unfathomable Deep. His latest novel is OSIRIS, co-written with Eric Anderson. His freelance writing has appeared in numerous mediums, including CNN, BBC News, Paper, SOMA, Publishers Weekly, the San Francisco Chronicle and the South China Morning Post.

Adam Dunn Interviews Alan Schwarz

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OSIRIS by Eric C. Anderson

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