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Comic Book Writer Ben Templesmith

Comic Book Writer Ben Templesmith

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  • Targeting the Financial Industry: Operation Python

Targeting the Financial Industry: Operation Python

As most of you saw last week, Senator Elizabeth Warren grilled Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf, calling him to resign and face criminal charges for his ‘negligence.’ Over 5,300 employees of Wells Fargo were found [...]

  • Trillion

Crossing the $10 Trillion Mark

Now that the global tally of negative-interest debt issued has passed the $10 trillion mark, it might be worth taking a moment to reflect the yet unknown implications posed by the intrusion of...reality. Interest rates [...]

  • Hillary Clinton Election 2016

Election 2016: Alien Queen vs. Swamp Thing

Sludgefeast ’16 (otherwise known as the US presidential election) has finally shaken out all fellow-traveling parasites in favor of two alpha vermin—the Alien Queen and Swamp Thing. As the face of their respective political parties, [...]

In Campaign 2016, Politics
is a Blood Sport. Literally.

It’s Election 2016. New York City is the front line in a conflict that threatens not only the election, but the nation itself. Both parties are fighting for control of New York, and the unorthodox team of NYPD Detective Santiago and Special Agent More is caught in the crossfire. From the spires of the city’s cathedrals down into its subway tunnels, there is no judgment, only survival, for both sinners and saints – underground.


“Dunn is a talented writer. This being a political season, we are endlessly assured that recover is near, that prosperity is just around the corner, that happy days will soon be here again. Adam Dunn is having none of it.”
Patrick Anderson, The Washington Post


“Can a thriller be seriously dystopian and fun at the same time? Saint Underground manages to be both, a literary hat trick.”
Joseph Kanon, author of Leaving Berlin and The Good German


“Adam Dunn does a great deal of research before writing his novels. His latest effort, Saint Underground, is a very entertaining read.”
Richard Bove, Financial analyst and author of Guardian of Prosperity


“Saint Underground, Dunn’s meticulously researched novel, is required reading for any member of the investment community.”
James McTague, author of Crapshoot Investing and former BARRON’s columnist

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